Cougar tracks found in sand trap at Eugene golf course

“That isn’t the paw print of your neighborhood kitty cat!” Laurelwood Golf Course said on Facebook Sunday. “Keep your eyes peeled if you are out playing or walking the course.” (Courtesy Laurelwood Golf Course)

EUGENE, Ore. – A cougar traipsed through a sand trap at Laurelwood Golf Course over the weekend, less than a week after police shot and killed one of the big cats in a neighborhood in Springfield.

“We suggest leaving the golf balls in the woods on Holes No. 5 & 6 for now,” Laurelwood Golf Course said on Facebook Sunday morning. “If you take an evening stroll, stay away from the bunkers in Hole No. 4.”

Staff at the golf course said the tracks were a first for the course’s long-time caretaker.

The golf course staff consulted with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Biologists were surprised a cougar hadn’t been spotted on the course before.

The experts believe the big cat was just passing through and happened to take a different route, leaving the tracks in the bunker as it moved on through.

Golf course staff wanted to make sure people who walk their dogs in the area early in the mornings or at night were aware of the sighting.

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