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It started out as just a few duffers wanting to get together to play a little golf. Today, it’s a lot bigger.

The group — roughly 20 golfers ages 60 to 85 — decided it wanted to do something for the community, and especially kids. So they gave themselves a name, We Are Golfing Fore Kids, and on Friday got to work on its latest project, donating 90 hooded sweatshirts and 85 dental care packages to pre-schoolers at Los Ninos del Valle Preschool and Child Care on the La Posada campus.

The group gets together Thursdays at Torres Blancas or Canoa Ranch golf courses and plays a mini tournament. The entry fee is $11, and there is pool money and prizes for the winners.

Most of the time, the winners kick the money back into the pool. That money piled up quickly and Raul Yturralde, the holder of the funds, asked the others what he should do with all that money. The group decided to donate to people in the area that needed help.

The group approached local churches and found three families.

“I told them that I don’t care what they bought, but I just told them that what they bought must be for the whole family,” Yturralde said.

That pretty much ate up the surplus, but the word was out.

In the meantime, a person called up Yturralde and said he had a car he wanted to donate. Yturralde sold it for the owner and suddenly the group was sitting on more cash.

The pre-school came up, and Yturralde contacted them with an idea of getting something warm for the children. That’s how they ended up buying 90 sweatshirts.

“Everyone I talk to in the group agrees that as long as it stays in the community and particularly the kids in the community, they should carry on.”

So, We are Golfing Fore Kids is headed into 2019 golfing with a purpose. They will play on Jan. 10, and anybody interested in joining can contact Yturralde at 520-447-9704 or Kurt Von Geldern at 916-224-4089.

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