Local golf courses still closed for snow, but there is an indoor alternative

SPOKANE, Wash. – It may be spring, but our local golf courses sure still look like winter. For golfers itching to get out onto the greens, they’re going have to have some patience. Many courses won’t take plows to their properties, because it’ll ruin the grounds. However, if you just can’t wait any longer, Hangman Valley Golf Course has something that might help.

The golf course has a few golf simulators on the property where people can tee up and get some swings in. And it’s not just for avid golfers.

“It’s a perfect tool for people starting out,” said Todd Nacke, golf professional for Hangman Valley Golf Course.

And even got some coaching, which is a big reason the golf course keeps these up year round, even when it’s at the peak of summer. 

“For somebody who thinks – I don’t think I’m doing that. I don’t feel like I’m doing that . And then you put that person on video, and then show them the numbers. It’s like – yes, you’re doing that and we need to get that changed,” Nacke said.

The simulator is a coaching tool. 

“When you hit a ball on the driving range without that, people know their club face is open. But when they see it’s open, it gives them an idea of just how much the club face is open,” Nacke said.

And it also helps keep the muscle memory intact as you wait out the cold season.

“When they step up on the first tee box, it’s the first part of April, for their very first round of golf – it feels like they haven’t put the clubs away for four months. They’ve at least kept the muscles moving. The timing is still there,” Nacke said.

While the golf course’s opening is at the hands of Mother Nature, with the sunshine that we’ve been getting and the rate of snow melt – optimistically, the golf course said they hope to open by the first or second week of April.

If you’re interested in trying out the simulator, you can call Hangman Valley Golf Course to schedule a session.

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