Lower North Coast District Golf Association wins Jack Newton State Junior Pennant

Junior team members of the Lower North Coast District Golf Association (LNCDGA) won the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation (JNJGF) State Junior Pennant at Newcastle. The event was on over two days, January 14 and 15. The tournament was introduced to give all junior golfers in NSW the opportunity to participate in a competitive match play team event. Six juniors made up the winning team including Fletcher Murray (Kew), Pyper Hollis (Taree), Quedesha Golledge (Taree), Oli Payne (Port Macquarie), Madeleine Laws-Farrell (Port Macquarie) and Danny Bisby (Taree). Howard Burrows was the team manager from Kew Country Club and said he was very proud of the way the juniors played on the day. On Monday the team played against Kiama in the semi final and won 4-2. On Tuesday the team played against Toukley in the final and won 5-1. Junior player Fletcher Murray is 16-years-old and first started playing when he was 10-years-old. He wants to improve his mentality during practice and competition. “I’m working on keeping calm and focused,” he said. Quedesha (14-years-old), Pyper (17-years-old) and Fletcher would like to play golf professionally but understand that it’s hard work to make a career out of the sport. Pyper attends school at St Clare’s High School in Taree and said the school is fantastic with supporting her golf commitments. Pyper said she would like to work on improving her long game in golf. Quedesha said the competition in Newcastle was really fun, where the weather was perfect and the course conditions were great. She said it was fantastic experience to be able to play against others, who had similar abilities to her. Quedesha first started playing golf when she was four-years-old. Before a competition Quedesha said it’s important to focus on eating and sleeping well. The Junior Golf Clinic, the Red Swarm, at Kew Country Club has traditionally been operating on Sunday morning but Howard said it will now be on Saturday from 12pm. The first day for the clinic is on Saturday, February 2. Kew Country Club professional Luke Garel will coach for the first hour and then players will have an hour on the course. Fore more information please call 6559 4203.


January 23 2019 – 12:00PM

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