Port Macquarie Private Hospital partners with Port Macquarie Golf Club to deliver defibrillators

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A DONATION with a whole lot of heart will be a life-saving gift for members of Port Macquarie Golf Club. Golfers will have a better chance of surviving a cardiac event thanks to a partnership with Port Macquarie Private Hospital – Ramsay Health. Two defibrillators were delivered and installed on the Port Macquarie Golf Course in what is believed to be a first in Australia. Private Hospital CEO Connie Porter recognised the connection between the two organisations. The hospital is in the business of saving lives and a golf course is one location that statistics show cardiac events can occur. Golf course CEO Daniel Constable said with the installation of these Automated External Defibrillators (AED) those playing golf on the course have a better chance of survival. Research also shows that out of hospital cardiac events have low survival rates. Each year in Australia about 20,000 people have a cardiac arrest out of hospital, but less than 10 per cent of these people will survive. A cardiac arrest is when your heart suddenly stops pumping. This means your brain is quickly starved of oxygen, you become unconscious and stop breathing. It takes only three minutes for brain damage to set in and within 10 minutes the person has usually died. In most cases the ambulance will not make it in time. Club Director Tony Hayward is one survivor, having suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing golf on the course in early 2017. Thanks to the application of CPR and an AED in the clubhouse, Tony survived. The golf course has two AEDs – one located in the clubhouse and one in the greenkeeper’s facilities. Now, with the addition of two more AEDs on the golf course, the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest are increased.


December 13 2018 – 12:00PM

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