Suspect in AnnBriar burglary tied to other golf course break-ins, authorities say

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WATERLOO, Ill. – Investigators confirm the man accused of burglary at AnnBriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Illinois is a suspect in at least five recent golf course break-ins.

The first crime at Arlington Greens near Granite City appears to have been quite an adventure. It happened two weeks ago around 5 a.m.

It mirrored the break-in at AnnBriar, which happened a week later.

Arlington Greens general manager and PGA pro golfer Mark Marcuzzo told Fox2/News 11 the suspect, identified as Cameron Crockarell, used a pry bar to break into a golf cart storage shed then tore open the vinyl covering over hidden access point above the ceiling of the clubhouse.

“He gets up here on these two coolers, you can see his shoe prints, and he goes through a spot that’s 18’-20’ wide,” Marcuzzo said. “Which is bizarre. I didn’t even know that existed!”

Crockarell crawled along a tiny space above the ceiling for 16-feet before dropping through the in the women’s bathroom, Marcuzzo said.

Crockarell allegedly managed to get into a safe. There was very little money in it, but it was stolen along with a course worker’s autographed memorabilia, which was in storage. The remarkable thing is what he left behind: thousands of dollars’ worth of golf clubs and apparel, just like at AnnBriar, where authorities said he stole frozen chicken wings and hot dogs.

“I was absolutely stunned that he didn’t take anything else out; absolutely stunned. There’s a nice amount of merchandise and other things like that here,” Marcuzzo said.

Crockarell, 50, of Granite City, was charged with burglary and property damage for the AnnBriar break-in. More charges are likely for golf course break-ins in Madison, Monroe, and Macoupin counties, with stolen items from the other courses found in Crockarell’s car when he was caught at AnnBriar, authorities said.


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