TaylorMade TP putter line brings Rory McIlroy’s Black Copper model to retail

The TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection Soto putter with the distinctive dark finish that helped Rory McIlroy turn around his putting this spring is now part of a line the company will be introducing Friday.

The TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection comes in four shapes, including McIlroy’ Soto blade with a curved neck and heel and toe weighting. The other models include a traditional heel-toe weighted L-neck blade (Juno), a scooped-out, winged mallet with an L-neck (Ardmore 3L) and a traditional half-mallet shape with double bend shaft (Mullen DB). Only the Mullen DB is face-balanced. The remaining three models have some degree of toe hang, ranging from just slight on the Ardmore 3L (12 degrees) to more substantial on the two blades (36 degrees on the Juno) and the most toe-hang on the putter McIlroy uses (47 degrees on the Soto). Headweights range from 346 grams on the two blades, to 350 grams on the Ardmore 3L and 355 grams on the Mullen DB.

McIlroy, who has experimented with the full gamut of TaylorMade putters since joining the company a year ago, has used everything from the popular Spider mallet to a heel-toe Anser style blade (Juno) and half-mallet (Mullen) in the TP Collection’s original satin finish. He made the changed to the TP Black Copper Soto prior to the Arnold Palmer Invitational, winning that week with a final round 64 and gaining 10 strokes on the greens vs. the field for that week. His model features a slightly softer insert and a length of 34.25 inches, a touch longer than what he had been playing but more similar to the lengths of putters he’s used to win multiple majors.

“[That] sort of lets me just be a little more comfortable with it,” McIlroy said. “I’m not quite as stiff and wooden and, so, just a couple little things and basically just went back to a length and a sort of feel that I have had success with.”

Each model features a grooved aluminum insert for soft feel and better initial roll. (McIlroy uses a custom version of the insert in his putter.) The body is made of 303 cast stainless steel, which is triple-plated for a dark finish. Each head is hand polished to reveal copper accents. Heel and toe sole weights can be optimized by the fitter to adjust head weight for shaft-length and fitting purposes.

The TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection putters will be in stores Friday ($220).

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