Tiger Woods makes multimillion-dollar match with Phil Mickelson official on Twitter (and Phil hilariously responds)

On Wednesday morning Phil Mickelson finally joined Twitter, sending golf fans into a frenzy with his perfect first tweet. At first, it seemed random, but we should have known that there’s always, always a method to Lefty’s madness.

Fast forward six hours later and now it all appears to make sense, as Tiger Woods sent out a tweet of his own, making “THE MATCH” officially official. It’s ON indeed:

Mickelson, now a seasoned Twitter veteran, quickly responded for his already 54,000-plus followers to see:

Of course, Woods had to come back with a left hook of his own (by the way, this is totally not Tiger sending these tweets, but it DEFINITELY is Phil):

These two certainly know how to put on a show. Just imagine what the actual “THE MATCH” will be like?

As you can see from Woods’ tweet, exact details are still not clear. While previous reports pinned it as a winner-take-all affair for $10 million, Woods makes no mention of that, and Mickelson referring to him losing “$9 million” just makes it more unclear. What we do know for sure is that it is on Thanksgiving weekend and it is in Las Vegas. Which day is still unknown. Come on guys, there’s a lot of football on that weekend and people need to schedule their lives around that and “THE MATCH” accordingly.


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