Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson match results: Live scores, updates, bets, PPV highlights

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson square off on Black Friday in what is simply being referred to as “The Match,” an 18-hole match play event live from Las Vegas where two of the most popular golfers in the history of the sport will go head-to-head for a winner-take-all purse of $9 million. Collectively, Woods and Mickelson have earned $204 million on the PGA Tour — and much more than that in endorsements — with 19 majors between them (Tiger’s 14 nearly triples Lefty’s five).

However, none of that will matters today. All that matters at Shadow Creek Golf Course is who is the best over these 18 holes, and who takes more money off the other in a variety of side bets that are expected to amp up the action. (In fact, Mickelson and Woods already have a $200,000 wager on the first hole.) Is this event a bit contrived? Perhaps. Intriguing? Definitely.

Regardless of how you may feel entering it, the competition and money are real, and CBS Sports will be with you the entire way updating this story with scores, results, analysis, highlights and side bets throughout the entire thing. If you are unable to view the live updates below, please click here.

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