Washington Twp. Board of Trustees debate allowing golf carts on some streets

The Washington Township Board of Trustees are debating whether to allow golf carts to be driven on some streets.

Trustees discussed the proposed ordinance during a meeting Thursday night.

An official decision was not been made, instead Trustees tabled the vote at their recent meeting and plan to hold a special meeting to decide on the issue.

“Every street in Point Place is covered permanently now by Toledo,” said Washington Twp. resdient Kellie Schlacter.

Two years ago, the City of Toledo signed off of its own golf cart laws. In October, Schlacter spearheaded the campaign to bring golf carts to Washington Township.

“You want to go to the grocery store, you want to go get gas,” Schlacter said. “It saves money, it’s environmentally friendly, and it’s just plain fun.”

Others in favor of bringing golf carts to the township said it will help boost area business.

“We would get more people spending money in downtown Point Place,” said Amy Disbrow, a Washington Twp. resident. “I think it would help the economy quite a bit.”

The biggest concern voiced by the board of trustees was in regards to safety on busy streets.

“It scares me to think of golf carts being out on main drags,” said trustee Joanne Vail-Nixon.

The two main areas of concern include Shoreland Bridge and Suder, where the speed limit is over 35 mph, the max for golf carts to be allowed on streets.

“I would feel much better about approving it had the speed limit been the right speed,” said trustee Ken Kay.

Schlacter tells 13abc she is working with local officials and the Ohio Department of Transportation on a speed study in the area. She also plans to start a petition in favor of the golf cart laws.

If the board approves, golf carts would have to follow the same rules and regulations as a vehicle, that includes current title and proper registration.

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