WATCH: Is this America’s toughest miniature-golf hole?

New Jersey Mini Golf

The 19th hole at Blackbeard’s Cove in Bayville, NJ

The state of New Jersey has identified its toughest miniature golf hole. Think you could ace it? (Answer: Probably not.)

In fact, this beast might just be the toughest mini-golf hole anywhere.

One intrepid New Jersey Star-Ledger reporter visited the course, Blackbeard’s Cove in Bayville, which is about an hour’s drive southeast from Trenton. The course has a 19th hole set up over water (or a moat, to stay with the theme). There is no clown’s mouth, but golfers must putt along a narrow, titled “plank” to a hole that’s downhill and breaks sharply left-to-right. It looks like about a 20-footer, but when’s reporter gave it a shot, he rinsed an entire bucket without sinking a single putt.

Anyone who makes the putt receives a free game, but at such long odds, Blackbeard’s Cove can probably set up the prize (treasure?) without hurting its business too badly.

Here’s a video of the hole:


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